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Taught over six-weeks in 40-minute private sessions at your home, we will guide you and family members in teaching your fur-baby important basic cues to have a stress-free and enjoyable relationship with your canine companion. These cues include: sit, down, stay, come/recall, and leave it. 

This training will also address leash pulling that you may experience on walks.

Intermediate and Advance Class are available after completion of Basic Obedience Training.


We believe with proper training, most dogs can be model canine citizens...even if they display unfavorable behavior. With focused time and attention, we help owners understand triggers of an unwanted behavior, management techniques, while reinforcing positive behavior.

Learn tools and tips to address: leash aggression, biting, food aggression, jumping, and unruly behavior towards human and canine guests.


With millions of dogs waiting to be adopted across the country, we know it can be daunting and confusing to find the perfect addition to your family. And while we believe every dog is worth rescuing, we want to ensure you find the right companion. From identifying ideal breeds, to evaluating potential adoptees behavior, we assist with all aspects of the adoption process to ensure you have an enjoyable adoption experience that will create a long-lasting bond with your new family member. 

The meet and greet ahead of time was well organized and structured which worked very well for me and benefited Abbey tremendously. Abbey is food obsessed and Kris worked with her during her stay. This experience was 5 stars!
— Fran H.